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Quinn Glassey

Graphic Design

Quinn is the lead graphic designer here at Social SEOurce.  She has been working with the company since 2018 and always goes over, above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Graphic Design & Photoshop
  • Ad Creation
  • Video & Animation

Quinn attended the University of Miami, and became a member of Social SEOurce in 2018. Quinn is proficient in Photoshop, Graphic Design, Ad Creation, Content Creation and more.  She manages our team of designers to ensure the best quality designs for our clients.  Quinn and her team design for our clients websites, social media posts & ads, print ads, billboards and much much more.


Quinn grew up in Atlantic City NJ.  She was mentored by her father who worked as a videographer & graphics coordinator for the Philadelphia 76ers. Quinn’s dad taught her everything there was to know about graphics, animation, video etc.

Graphic Design
Ad Design & Content

    Quinn was a delight to work with!  She took my ideas and expanded upon them to create awesome graphics for my website & my facebook page!

    Wendy R.