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Gabby Pristera

Lead Website Designer & SEO Analyst

Gabby has been working with Social SEOurce for 3 years.  She specializes in website development, SEO & SEO Analysis.  She has become a valuable asset to the organization and has helped rank 1000’s of pages on the 1st page of search results!

  • Website Development
  • SEO Development & Analysis
  • Coding

Gabby started her career in website design, coding & SEO working for Social SEOurce as an intern.  She quickly rose through the ranks of the organization and was eventually hired by the company to run the website development and SEO department.


Gabby always jokes that she is much cooler online than in real life.  LOL

SEO & Coding
Website Development

    Gabby really went above and beyond to make sure our website was coded the right way to help with our 1st page placement.  Our website is now being found more than ever before!

    Fred S.