The Social SEOurce LLC will create or be added as administrator to social media website properties deemed necessary to properly market client’s services. Marketing clients services via social media includes but is not limited to gaining like’s to clients Facebook page, posting images and content etc.

Customer agrees to allow SS permission to post images, promotions, information on their behalf on social sites such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, snap chat, or additional social sites agreed upon by both parties.  Customer must have permission to use any provided images, content and information.  Customer assumes responsibility for any copyright issues that may arise from their own provided images, content and information.  Customer also allows SS to provide images, content and information on their behalf, with customer approval before use of such information.  SS is not responsible for any copyrighted material provided by client and is released of all liabilities that may arise from copyright infringement.


Client responsibilities for Social Media Services:

a. You must assign us as an authorized administrator for the Service. You will also maintain administration rights and are encouraged to update your Business Page in conjunction with SS Services.

b. You must provide us current and up-to date content needed for the creation or management of the Business Page. This may include basic information, photos, videos, profile image, and offers.

All social media marketing budgets and management fees will be paid in full prior to campaign launch.  In order to fulfill payment, client will supply a valid credit card that will be charged a total of 2 times per month.  The 1st charge will be for the SS management fee.  2nd Charge will be for the allotted budget on social sites agreed upon between client and SS.

In the event credit card is declined, there will be a $30.00 fee for the transition of CC information and delinquent payment.


 Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

SS will create a new website using images, content and other information provided by client.  Images and Content information may be gathered from clients existing website and any other information sources deemed reasonable to assist in the timely completion of the project.  The website will be built and used for optimization purposes.

Service. “SEO Service” means our search engine optimization product that provides services to increase the potential for your business to be found online and ranked higher in organic search engine results. Such services may include, but are not limited to, keyword research to help identify search terms used to find your products & services in search engines and select a targeted keyword and geography focus for you web page(s), technical analysis & optimization (implemented directly on site) of your web pages to help search engines understand what your business is about and how your information is displayed, and traffic building activities including, but not limited to, placing your web pages on third party sites.  SS will complete all contracted work in good faith, however due to ongoing changes there is no guaranteed placement on search engines for SEO services.


A monthly fee will be charged for optimization services for a minimum of a 12 month period.  Within this 12 month period SS will perform monthly activities as stated above to ensure ongoing optimization of the website.  If the client does not fulfill the 12 month payment obligation, the website and all SEO work remain property of SS until full payment is made.  Upon completion of the 12 monthly installments, if the client does not choose to renew SEO services for the following year, SS will supply client with the website files, minus the SEO information/coding used by SS to fulfill original agreement.  All picture names, file names, page names, descriptions, meta-data, content, header variation #1-6 and additional page labeling etc. are considered work of SS.  Use of this information is prohibited without the written permission of SS.


 Website Lease

SS currently owns and has websites populating on 1st page of search results for certain keywords/geographies. Clients have the option to lease these websites from SS for a monthly fee.  Client agrees that on leased websites, there are no guarantees that websites will continue to show on SERP’s due to changes made by 3rd party search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing etc. Leased websites remain the property of SS unless SS and client come to an agreement for Sale of the leased website to client.  All leased websites will have a 12 month contract.  If the client decides to purchase the website while under contract, terms will be negotiated between SS and client for buyout of the leased site.  Terms of website buyout are as follows:  Client agrees that upon purchase of the site, client must use SS as their SEO provider. All picture names, file names, page names, descriptions, meta-data, content, header variation #1-6 and additional page labeling etc. are considered work of SS.  Use of this information is prohibited without the written permission of SS. The cost for the sale of leased websites will be negotiated between SS and Client and will be detailed on a separate marketing agreement.



Online Video/ Video SEO

SEOC will provide video design, development, and submissions to YouTube. SS will provide search engine optimization services (SEO) for the video(s) in attempt to place video(s) on 1st page of online search results. (Disclaimer for video SEO portion is explained below)


Prior to the video being built SS and client will agree on the geography and keywords for the optimization services portion of the video.


All videos created will be completed in (3) phases, using still shot photos, graphics etc. and voice over content.  All images, content, graphics and scripts will be supplied and approved by the client and/or SS.  The Phases for video completion are as follows:


Phase (1) Voice Over Script (either provided by client or with client approval supplied by SS)

Phase (2) Content Collection (images and graphic content either supplied by client and/or SS)

Phase (3) Final approval before submission to YouTube


Client can make a total of (3) revisions to the video before its launch to the search engines. In the event additional changes are requested, there will be an additional fee of $35.00 charged for each additional change completed by SS.


Client is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and authorizations to use any content provided for inclusion or request for SS to include in the advertising campaign including, without limitation, releases from persons appearing in such content, testimonials, images etc.


Once the video is completed SS will provide to you with one copy of the video via email at no additional charge.   At this time, ownership of the video will be transferred to the client.  By signing marketing agreement, client also gives SS permission to keep a copy of the video on file to be used for its marketing portfolio.


Production Fee

Client agrees to pay the one-time production fee associated with the video in full up-front. If multiple videos are requested by client, a production fee will be paid in full, up-front for each video.



Video SEO Fee

Each video developed through SS will include optimization services to assist with ranking video on 1st page of search results for keywords/geographies agreed upon at time of client signing marketing agreement. The Client agrees that they will only pay for the monthly SEO fees once the video appears on the 1st page of Google for any keyword/geography that was previously agreed upon at time of video build.  If the client’s video appears in multiple keyword/geography combinations agreed upon with SS, the client will pay additional monthly charges for each agreed upon keyword/geography.  The client acknowledges that there are no guarantees for placement on 1st page of search results and that search engines and/or search results pages (SERP’s) can change at any time during the life of their contract with SS.  SS will act in good faith to optimize said video in conjunction with all other marketing efforts as per the marketing agreement between SS and client.


You will be charged per area and/or keyword where video populates on 1st page of Google.


Failure to pay for the monthly video and video SEO fees, will result in the video being taken offline and removed from ALL search engine results pages (SERP’s).  To re-instate video and attached SEO services, past due payments must be made plus an additional $50.00 reinstatement fee.



Local Listing Claiming (LLC)

SS will provide you with a subscription to the Service, which will enable you to: (i) view and manage your business listing information on various third party business directories and search engines that participate in the Service (the “Listing Partners”) and “special offer” content (the “Special Offer Placements”) on Listing Partner websites (the“Listing Partner Sites”).


You hereby acknowledge and agree that (i) the Listing Partner Sites included in any bundle of Special Offer Placements are subject to change at any time and that Listing Partner Sites can be added and/or removed from any such bundle at any time, (ii) all content submitted by you for a Special Offer Placement shall be subject to the Listing Partners’character limits, quality standards and other applicable listing tag policies, and that any such content may be rejected, in whole or in part, by a Listing Partner at any time in its sole discretion, or modified at any time to comply with such policies,(iii) we do not guarantee that any listing or tag will be displayed on any Listing Partner Site and (iv) the appearance and/or location of any listing tag placement may change at any time. WE SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR ANY CHANGE IN THE LISTING PARTNER SITES INCLUDED IN ANY BUNDLE, FOR ANY DECISION BY A LISTING PARTNER TO REJECT OR MODIFY ANY CONTENT SUBMITTED BY YOU, OR FOR ANY OTHER DECISION, CHANGE OR OTHER



This Service is the copyrighted work of The Social SEOurce LLC and/or its various third party licensors and partners.  If client cancels service after contracted period. SS will remove all information from claimed listings from ALL  partner sites included in service  i.e.  business descriptions, keywords, special offers etc.


Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

1. The Pay-Per Click Program is a program whereby you may place a bid for advertising

(“Pay-Per-Click Advertising”) appearing on at least one Search Engine Site (such as

Google, Yahoo, Bing) or a combination of the three, in response to searches or selections by or characteristics of end users.


2.  You authorize The Social SEOurce LLC to place (and to arrange for third parties to place)

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and designate us your agent to do so and to allocate the Pay-Per-Click Advertising among Program Sites at our discretion. “Program Sites” means electronic sites and applications that are delivered to end users through any transport means and that meet our Pay-Per-Click Program criteria.


3. Your authorized PPC budget will be used to market your business, products, services or other forms of your company on the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing).

We do not guarantee or warrant (i) the number of calls, clicks, or impressions to be generated by the pay-per-click advertising; (ii) that any call, click, or impression represents a legitimate inquiry or indicates any probability of a purchase transaction; (iii) that the pay-per-click advertising will appear in response to a particular query;(iv) the specific placement of your pay-per-click advertising relative to advertising of other bidders or advertisers; (v) that a bid, or change to or withdrawal of a bid, will be implemented within a specific timeframe; or (vi) the accuracy or currency of bids of other bidders. You acknowledge that bid price is not the sole factor determining placement of pay-per-click advertising. You further acknowledge that the display of pay-per-click program information, including, without limitation, your bids, bids of other bidders, and click counts will not occur in “real time” and will be delayed due to system constraints, internet latency, and other possible factors. We will have no liability in connection with the functionality or content of any program site we do not own.


4. You represent and warrant that you have, and during the Term will continue to have, the absolute and unrestricted right to use as searchable text or “keywords” all words, phrases, logos, brands, products, services, affiliations, certifications, and all advertising copy and other information you submit or select in connection with your online business profile and/or Pay-Per-Click Advertising, all of which will be included within the term “Advertiser Content” for the purposes of the rights, licenses and authority you grant by signing the Marketing Agreement.


5. The monthly management fee paid to The Social SEOurce LLC for the PPC program will need to be paid in full each month before the allocated budget is submitted to the search engines. The client has the ability to “FREEZE” (Pause) the monthly media budget at any time during the life of their PPC contract with SS. In the event the client elects to “Freeze” (pause) the PPC Media budget for the next month client agrees to pay the monthly management fee in full for all research, consulting and analysis for the program.  If the client elects to "freeze" the media budget for a second CONSECUTIVE month, the client will be charged a

minimum management fee of $100 per month. The minimum management fee of $100 will remain for each consecutive month the program is paused.


Website Lease

SS maintains ownership of the leased website

With the Lease of a website our goal is go get the search engines( Google, Yahoo and/or Bing) to recognize the site, pages or company. Recognition does not guarantee placement on any specific page for any specific search query. Placement may change on a daily or monthly bases. SS has zero control of the search engines algorithm and their placement of the businesses on their sites. If a website is leased or bought with current placement on the search engines,SS can not guarantee the continuous placement of this site or its pages for any duration on any search engine.  SS offers a maintenance service to the site for a months the site is leased, but still SS can can guarantee any placement, only maintenance to the site.


With the Lease or Purchase of a website or marketing campaign, OSM’s(Online Source Media)goal is go get the search engines( Google, Yahoo and/or Bing) to recognize the site,pages or company. Recognition does not guarantee placement on any specific page for any specific search query. OSM has zero control of the search engines algorithm and their placement of the businesses on their sites. If a website is leased or bought with current placement on the search engines, OSM can not guarantee the continuous placement of this site or its pages for any duration on any search engine.  OSM offers a maintenance service to the site for a monthly cost, but still OSM can can guarantee any placement, only maintenance to the site.


Terms and Conditions

All payments must be made no later than 5 days after the agreed date per month.  A $25 dollar late fee will be applied to balance after 5 days. If payments are to be made by check and has not been made by the 10th, then credit card will be charged for monthly payment. If credit card is not valid and payment is late by 30 days or more then the contact information on the website may be removed ( including phone number and email address as well as other forms of contact.)


All SEO work are rights to The Social SEOurce LLC and may not be used for any other websites that are not build or serviced by SS.  All page names, descriptions, file names and other parts belong to the work of SS and any use of these page names, descriptions, file names or other portions used by another developer with authorize The Social SEOurce LLC to charge you continuously monthly for the work you are borrowing and using.


The only way to terminate a contract early is to pay the full balance off of remaining contract term . If website, SEO or any portion of the marketing agreed upon are delinquent by more than 60 days, Online Source Media has the right to full compensation of the discounted program by adding an addition 20% to remaining cost. In the event the agreement is brought to court for non payment, you the client agree by signing below that you wave your right to a trial. You will also be obligated to pay all court cost and attorney fees for both parties.  You agree that you will not challenge or appeal the judgement against you by signing below.  Programs become month to month without a 30 written cancellation notice at the end of term.  All month to month programs will be charged an additional 5% monthly fee.


The Social SEOurce LLC is not responsible for any down time the website may occur due to third party companies such as GoDaddy or other comparable companies that may maintain the domain name or host the site on their server.

Website and SEO is combined as one ( if chosen ), The Social SEOurce LLC allows for monthly installments to be made as agreed above.  The Social SEOurce LLC goal is to build a website with the information that client , patients and customers need to see services, brands and/or products that are offered. In the event The Social SEOurce LLC can not meet the unique want(s) for the website the deposit in non refundable and payments scheduled for remainder of contract are still valid. The Social SEOurce LLC will do everything to meet the reasonable request of its clients.


Facebook Advertisement needs to be paid in advance for the budget allocated to Facebook Sponsored Ad and Boosting Program including management fee.  A credit card will need to be on file to pay fro this program, management fee and processing fee. If any balance is paid by The SEOcial Connection LLC and not reimbursed the client is subject to a $25 late charges, 3.5% credit card processing fee, balance.


Video Marketing and SEO. You the client own the video once it is paid and produced. For Video SEO there will only be a monthly charge for the SEO portion if it shows up on the first page of a search engine. Each Market( area ) has its own SEO and monthly fees. Two different towns/cities/counties/states each have their own monthly cost.  If a Video SEO program is included, agreement  total will reflect the cost of the program before the first page placement is met.


            Client agrees they have read and understand all terms and conditions. Terms and conditions can also be found on





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